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sfdx force:source:retrieve; sfdx force:schema:sobject:describe; sfdx force:schema:sobject:list; sfdx force:analytics:template:create; ... Override the api version used for api requests made by this command-c, --createdlastdays <createdlastdays> Created in the last specified number of days (starting at 00:00:00 of first day to now; 0 for today). Wait time for command to finish in minutes-x, --manifest <manifest> File path for manifest (package.xml) of components to retrieve-m, --metadata <metadata> Comma-separated list of metadata component names-n, --packagenames <packagenames> A comma-separated list of packages to retrieve--verbose: Verbose output of retrieve result. Retrieve all metadata components listed in a manifest: sf retrieve metadata --manifest path/to/package.xml. Retrieve metadata from a package: sf retrieve metadata --package-name MyPackageName. Retrieve metadata from multiple packages, one of which has a space in its name (both examples are equivalent):.
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